SPINK is an architecture and design practice based in London. We offer clients a bespoke design, project management and development service. Utilising our construction business and global network of specialist suppliers, materials and craftspeople, SPINK creates considered homes that are individually tailored to clients’ lives. Founded in 1992 by Mike Spink, with decades of experience in high-value residential projects, our work upholds a total commitment to the refined – both of design and process.


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Consultation + brief

With 30 years of experience in ultra-high-value residential projects, we are specialists, not generalists. We understand the ways in which ultra-high-net-worth individuals have unique requirements for their homes and work intuitively to identify their precise needs. We know which questions to ask and efficiently reach the right solution for our clients.

We also examine the client’s brief in detail, to confirm their personal priorities and explore any overlooked elements in the project.

We pay particular attention to clients’ individual passions and lifestyle preferences. It is our job to balance design aesthetic, ergonomics, practicality, technology and ease of living in each residence that we create – and to strike the right balance for each of our clients. This encompasses everything from ensuring the complete enjoyment of each space in your home, to designing buildings that can be maintained or serviced by staff as discreetly as possible.

Architecture + design

SPINK’s architecture and design team offers clients a blend of creative flair, practicality, longevity and fiscal responsibility. From a project’s outset, we consider a space’s flow, furnishings and atmosphere, while remaining intrinsically aware of planning, contracting, cost and feasibility of construction.

Our approach to design is carefully considered, but the aesthetic of a project is never prescribed. Instead, the ‘look and feel’ evolves from a process of serious architectural exploration. We work to optimise the enjoyment and character of a home.

Most architects work across several sectors. SPINK has always focused on high-value residential projects. We offer clients unparalleled expertise in creating ultra-luxury private homes. Our practice benefits from a long-standing culture of excellence and experience with exacting clients.

Oversight + construction

SPINK incorporates its own master building firm, SPINK Construction. We directly oversee the construction process of most of our projects – transforming design into reality. Delivering both the project management and build of SPINK residences ensures that our high standards are always maintained.

Our construction arm also enables SPINK to take on legal and contractual responsibility for both the entire professional team and all contractors on site. For the client’s peace of mind, every aspect of the design and build – and the space in between – sits with us.

We work both in the UK and internationally. When working abroad, we dovetail our services with trusted local professionals and specialist contractors, who are aligned with our approach. Contractors will either be longstanding partners or carefully vetted to ensure that SPINK’s standards can be maintained. We bring all the same meticulous hallmarks of our UK residences to clients’ homes overseas.

Disciplines + team

SPINK’s multi-disciplinary expertise ensures that we deliver a cohesive proposition to clients, with a connected and multi-talented team focused on each project from conception to completion. Our approach removes the silos that often exist between design and development teams at the project’s outset, for a more efficient and cohesive process.

Mike Spink, who founded the practice in 1992, is personally involved in the management of each project and is uniquely positioned to orchestrate the team required. He ensures that SPINK operates as a single unified organisation with a complete suite of skillsets available to clients.

SPINK values its long-term employees and its long-standing working relationships with fellow professionals; structural engineers, mechanical and electrical consultants, acoustic designers and bespoke manufacturers. We are uniquely positioned to deliver each project replete with art, furniture and finishing touches for a true turn-key home.